Fit Guide

Fit Guide

First time wearing a boot?

When you buy boots, be careful to choose the size that you think is right for you.

1.    When you try them on for the first time, do it on a carpet so as not to damage the sole. It sometimes helps to put a plastic bag over your foot to more easily slide into a new pair of boots.

2.    If they feel comfortable but firm on the foot then that should be a perfect fit as the upper will relax. Don’t worry if there is a small slippage at the heel as that is normal in a new pair of boots. As you wear them in, the boots relax to the shape of your feet, then slippage goes away.

3.    If your toes are touching the end of the boot or there is too much gap at the heel, you probably need to get a different size. In that case, we will happily send you another pair of a different size of your choosing, as long as the product you return is in the same good condition as you received them and in the original packaging.

Something you can print out!

Conversion Chart

The Brannock Device® is the standard tool for measuring U.S. shoe sizes. Stop by your closest shoe store and ask to be measured if it’s been a while since you were properly fitted. If you can’t get to a Brannock Device®, chances are that the size that appears most often in your closet is your true size.