How to Clean and Care for Stetson Crushable hats

How to Clean Stetson Crushable Hats
  • If it has dust or lint, you can shake it off and also use tape/lint roller and brush to clean.
  • Keep away from heat such as leaving in car close to car window on a sunny day. It may start to feel less sturdy and may change shape and style if left in the heat for too long.
  • Do not keep crushed for too long, especially in the heat as this will certainly change the shape of the hat and may create creases.

It's pretty short and simple as crushable hats are not high maintenance and do not need much care.


  • Fredrik

    My chrushable hat has been around for a while. Getting wet and drying and now the hat needs some attention. It is not dirty, it is a bit skew and crooked.
    How do I adjust it decentlyback to normal?

  • John

    How do you clean real dirt and grime off after the wind carried it bouncing down a parking lot?

  • Naterz

    Hey! Thank you that was what I was thinking, lint roller & brush. Just wondering about ripples on the brim? How to possibly shrink them? Any suggestions besides steam?would it work?

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